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Dining at a black-owned establishment

Author:  Edward Dillard

Edward Dillard

A 2018 Nielen report stated that black consumers in the United States spend $1.2 trillion dollars annually. That number is expected to grow to $2 trillion in the next few years. However, many black owned businesses only get a small percentage of those dollars. There are several factors for this, but insufficient financial capital to support the business is at the top of the list.

This was the main reason for Edward Dillard to create Launched in June, 2019, gives black owned restaurants, cafes, diners, and bakeries more online exposure. Users can locate eateries that are near their geographic location. Or users can search by city, county, or address.

In a recent interview, we spoke with Dillard.  “I work out of town, and realized it wasn’t easy to find black owned businesses.  That’s when I got the idea to create”.  The website started with a little over 2000 restaurants listed in the United States.  Users can search for eateries near their current location, city, or address.

“I wanted to make a website that was user friendly, and had more black owned restaurants listed than any other directory,” Dillard said. “Because of slavery, segregation, and past laws by the U.S. Government to oppress black people, there’s a huge racial wealth gap in this country. I think we (African Americans) need to do everything in our power to bring ourselves up, and too close this gap.”  Data from the U.S. Census Bureau reveals that black wealth is about 7% that of whites in the U.S.

“After launching the site, I started receiving emails for requests in other countries,” Dillard said.  Toronto is the largest and most visited city in Canada. Its multicultural landscape is also home to many black-owned businesses.  “It’s only right for us to expand there.  We will then move into Montreal, and other parts of Canada.  By the end of 2020, we plan on being across seas in the U.K.”

There’s a page to submit new businesses.  “Free listings and featured listings are available.  “I’m hoping people will visit, and find a new business to patronize and get some great food.  Listings are added everyday, so users should come back to our site to see what’s new,” Dillard ended the conversation.

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